Saturday, 13 June 2015

Yummy juice

Personally I think that finding something new in the supermarket is so exciting. It makes me happy and I like testing out the product. In my trip to ASDA today I found that in their fruit juice isle there was a new range of fruit and vegetable juices.

4 Juice
Fruit and Veggie Juice

I could easily have picked any of them as they all sounded delicious. I decided to try the Apple, pumpkin, grape and peach as it was calling out to me! It stated that the apple and the grape juice were both not from concentrate and the pumpkin and peach were purees. 

ASDA Pumpkin Juice
A little evening drink

The Verdict: it tasted a little bit like baby food for my liking. It is what I remember my younger brother's jars of baby fruit puree tasting like. I was 10 when he was a baby and I liked munching on his food back then, but now this is not something I am rushing to gulp down. Maybe the others will taste less sweet.

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  1. Actually sounds yum! I love the Innocent Perfectly Pink <3


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