Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Update 5

Oh my, what an update to have. I have a 2nd date, a drunken texter and a flake to update you on!

First off, yay for my guest blog post on Mairi’s blog!! I’m excited to be included. Enough chitter chatter though, on to the men!

Paramedic Rick: Still nothing from him, Ben wonders
if this guy is maybe A-Sexual or weird, but we decided he was probably never gonna call me!! His loss – Archived

Director Rick: Second date happened. We went to a bar and it was really crowded (on a side note I was early and got a drink, While I was standing by the bar someone appeared in front of me and asked if I was here alone and then started to chat even thought I said I was waiting for someone! Score!) we had a drink it was a little weird as we were standing and being pushed about, so we went to an old man pub down the road so that we could get a seat. It was still really crowded but we got a sofa and could talk. He felt like hard work and I felt that I spent most of the time making conversation. If there was a gap and neither of us were talking he didn’t make an effort to say anything. That’s not to say he has no chat, he can hold a conversation. We had a cheeky kiss when saying bye, and that was nice. He has invited me round for dinner and I generally don’t feel that excited by the prospect. I feel like it will be hard work and I can’t really be bothered. I don’t want to settle for something “meh” just because the other option is being single! I have told him I am busy for now!

Stu: He stood me up, what a dick. See the post on Mairi’s blog, but I have had no contact with him since I basically told him to fuck off!!

Matt: The American mechanic is back. He sent me a chatty message and we passed some communication back and forth and we were going to meet for a drink, but as usual he didn’t make contact on the run up to the day we were going to meet. I thought that his last message would be the end of it, but no I get some weird late night drunken text messages from him. I can’t be bothered with this shit from someone I don’t know so I ignored it. I may block him… I have not decided yet, however I don’t think I have heard the last from him.

I think I need to take a little break from dating for a bit as I am feeling like I am over it all!

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