Thursday, 25 June 2015

Current Obsession... Vintage Hair

Modern 1940s Hair
I aspire to hair like this...

Have you ever been drawn to an era without really knowing why? You find yourself wondering what it would be like to live then and how you would fit in. For me it’s the 1940’s. I’m not sure why I like the 40’s so much. For me I grew up loving classic films with His Girl Friday and Rebecca being my favourites, or any Hitchcock really (the earlier ones are great!) and I think in a strange way I could relate to the characters and wanted to
embody them from their clothes, their hair and even the way they carried themselves. All of the women on screen seemed so poised.

I have always wanted to dress as per the era, however I thought I was too curvy or chubby to successfully pull of the tea dress or the wide leg trouser, so I found my own style of skirts and t shirts. But now I feel a lot more confident in myself and I am far more experimental with what I can get away with bringing into my day to day life. I have started with the hair.

After colouring my hair to vivid copper (or ginger as it has been called) it almost felt criminal not to do something interesting with it. On a day to day basis I have fallen into a very comfortable rhythm of washing my hair in the morning and then giving it a quick blast with the hairdryer before running out the house to catch my bus. I was talking about vintage hairstyles and the era as a whole with my lovely friend Jayne recently and she summed it up so well "Victory rolls, red lips, tights with the line up the back and a nice wee skirt. They weren’t wrong were they!"

Not too long ago I started watching YouTube vintage hair tutorials. I have quickly become a bit of a fangirl over both Cherry Dollface and LisaFreemontStreet! Watching these wonderful ladies create beautiful styles with ease made me think I probably could also.

I can't! Well not quite yet anyway. I have tried some and I am so slow! I have also managed to drop my curling iron onto my neck resulting in a little burn, it's all a bit of a disaster. I need to keep practicing before I share many of my styles with you, but so far my work colleagues seem impressed!

A couple of my favourite styles I'd like to incorporate into my everyday life are...

Lauren Bacall Hair
A beautiful soft wave like Lauren

1940s Hair
Off center victory rolls

Attempts will be posted soon!

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