Monday, 29 June 2015

Power Ranking: Podcasts

I like to number things in my head. It is a weird thing to do, but it makes me happy. The rankings are variable and as soon as something new comes into play I start again. For example I will have my top 5 TV shows, but as soon as there is a new show I take a liking to I will re-evaluate. I was listening to a podcast recently where Juliet Litman was mildy mocked for power ranking everything in her life! I felt happy that I was not the only one and established that this should be something I share.

Today I want to share my current top 3 podcasts!

1. Happier with Gretchen Rubin
Firstly I love Gretchen Rubin's voice, I find it very soothing. For a podcast giving life tips on how to be happier this is a must. Secondly I find a lot of her advice actually doable and easy. Little tips like giving people a warm greeting first thing in the morning and setting an alarm to tell you when to go to bed. All of these tips are great and I like her easy conversational nature she has with her arty and creative sister (who I relate to the most).
Click on the link above for ways to download

2. The Right Reasons
I love reality TV and listening to others talk about reality TV is a must for me. Here Juliet Litman and David Jacoby talk about the Reality TV they have watched for the week. I will admit that I have started watching some shows just so that I can enjoy the conversation even more as I know what they are talking about. Since I find this a guilty pleasure listen I can't put it at number 1, but this is a podcast I like to save for myself to savour on the weekends.

3. How Did This Get Made?
Since I listen to most of my podcasts walking home from work, I like to keep them light. I find that after a tricky day at work, listening to 3 comedians I like pick apart "bad films" asking themselves "How did this get made?". I have probably been seen laughing to myself with my headphones on walking down the busy road to my house. The harder I try not to laugh the worse it becomes. Anyone who likes dry observational humour or likes either; Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas or June Diane Raphael should give this a listen.

I'm off to make myself a power ranking of things to power rank, and work out a picture to accompany power rankings... I'm excited!!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Current Obsession... Vintage Hair

Modern 1940s Hair
I aspire to hair like this...

Have you ever been drawn to an era without really knowing why? You find yourself wondering what it would be like to live then and how you would fit in. For me it’s the 1940’s. I’m not sure why I like the 40’s so much. For me I grew up loving classic films with His Girl Friday and Rebecca being my favourites, or any Hitchcock really (the earlier ones are great!) and I think in a strange way I could relate to the characters and wanted to

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Update 5

Oh my, what an update to have. I have a 2nd date, a drunken texter and a flake to update you on!

First off, yay for my guest blog post on Mairi’s blog!! I’m excited to be included. Enough chitter chatter though, on to the men!

Paramedic Rick: Still nothing from him, Ben wonders

Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Dye Job Part 2

After being disappointed by the colour from my last home dye job (which was still too dark for my liking) I decided to try again. This time I took my friend on a hair dye shopping expedition. She seemed really keen and excited for me... that is until I picked up a box of bleach proclaiming that "this will do the trick". I'm not sure how she thought I was going to lighten my hair without using bleach.

Schwarzkopf Live XXL Absolute Platinum Garnier Olia Intense Copper
Bleach and more copper

Thursday, 18 June 2015

New Handbag

Who doesn't get a thrill at buying a new handbag? I loved my old River Island handbag, one of the poppers on it broke over a year ago and I have continued using it up until now as I loved it so much. It was a pale brown satchel and it held everything I needed and always had exactly what I wanted right there at my hip. Farewell old friend I'll miss you and never forget you...

Goodbye you old bag

Enter, brand new orange bag. I was having a browse through River Island a few weeks ago and when I saw this bag I thought 'ew, orange bag',

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Pretty Lovelies: Homemade Scrub

We have an annual Christmas Ham dinner at one of my pretty friends houses, we call it Hamfest! She always makes such an effort every year and this year was no different. In every place setting this year she had a homemade body scrub for each of us.

She put them into individual glass jars with tags telling us what the ingredients are. She had made us a scrub of lemon, cocoa oil, lavender and coconut oil. I'm going to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of lavender, however the combination of all the scents together were fantastic. I used this for the first time recently and it left my skin feeling super soft and smelling delicious. I would recommend this combination and if we are nice to Sam maybe she will share how she made it. I have to try not to run out before that happens. 

Lemon, Cocoa Oil, lavender and Coconut Oil
Yummy Scrub

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Yummy juice

Personally I think that finding something new in the supermarket is so exciting. It makes me happy and I like testing out the product. In my trip to ASDA today I found that in their fruit juice isle there was a new range of fruit and vegetable juices.

4 Juice
Fruit and Veggie Juice

I could easily have picked any of them as they all sounded delicious. I decided to try the Apple, pumpkin, grape and peach as it was calling out to me! It stated that the apple and the grape juice were both not from concentrate and the pumpkin and peach were purees. 

ASDA Pumpkin Juice
A little evening drink

The Verdict: it tasted a little bit like baby food for my liking. It is what I remember my younger brother's jars of baby fruit puree tasting like. I was 10 when he was a baby and I liked munching on his food back then, but now this is not something I am rushing to gulp down. Maybe the others will taste less sweet.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Being Stood Up

My dating stories and tales are a couple months old now as I had passed them around my office before deciding to put them into a blog for all to laugh at. One of my wonderful and talented colleagues has her own blog over at She approached me about writing a guest post for her. I really wanted to, but felt I had nothing very self contained to write about... until I was stood up.

The original post can be found here. For those not wanting to click, here is my post in all it's glory with the guys name changed so that it follows on from the last update...

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Dresser Overhall

I have a horrible habit of dumping stuff. I will empty out my handbags or pockets on to a surface and then it ends up taking me ages to then get round to tidying the mess up. The worst place for me to dump stuff on is my dressing table. It already has a few things sitting on it and the drawers are full of products so it takes very little time for it to go from being tidy to overflowing with 'stuff' again.

This is the horror show it was recently...

Dresser Before
Dumping ground for all of my rubbish
After giving the mirrors a good clean, putting away most of my makeup and getting rid of general junk, it looks so much better. The only thing I want to try and keep out are things I use most regularly. It is going to be difficult for me to remember to put things away once I have used them, but if I can do this my dressing table will look so much better. 

Dresser After
And after, dust and clutter free

I have a long glass vase filled with coffee beans which I keep my brushes in, a pot for pencils and a pot for mascara. I managed to find a mirror tray to keep my powders on and handy for use. Most of my products (shadows, pallets, lipsticks, samples, creams...) are all kept in the drawers, and these are relatively tidy. Go me!

Finally I also moved the picture I have of Audrey Hepburn from behind the dresser, for the last few years this has been blocked by the mirror and I never got around to moving it (bad me!!). Now it is about half a meter to the left and looking much better.

I think the next step is to go through my products and get rid of the old and broken products!

Saturday, 6 June 2015

The Dye Job Part 1

I put some time aside recently so that I could use my lovely boxes of Mango Intensive Copper hair dye from Superdrug. I had really high hopes for this based on the colour swatches on the back of the box. I was promised that even though my hair was on the darker side I would be left with a bright copper. 

The starting colour

Thursday, 4 June 2015

My First Sassy Smoothie

Oh I was itching to use my spirulina. I posted not too long go that I had bought a packet of spirulina and some ground flaxseed and I was excited to get blending. After looking for some inspiration online (I'm looking at you google and pintrest!) I found a video of a green smoothie which looked amazingly tasty.

The ingredients were all ones I knew were available in the supermarket if I didn't already have them. Blueberries, banana, spiniach, kale, flaxseed, spirulina, chia seeds and water. She lso added in some dates for sweetness. The video is below of you want to check it out.

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