Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Dresser Overhall

I have a horrible habit of dumping stuff. I will empty out my handbags or pockets on to a surface and then it ends up taking me ages to then get round to tidying the mess up. The worst place for me to dump stuff on is my dressing table. It already has a few things sitting on it and the drawers are full of products so it takes very little time for it to go from being tidy to overflowing with 'stuff' again.

This is the horror show it was recently...

Dresser Before
Dumping ground for all of my rubbish
After giving the mirrors a good clean, putting away most of my makeup and getting rid of general junk, it looks so much better. The only thing I want to try and keep out are things I use most regularly. It is going to be difficult for me to remember to put things away once I have used them, but if I can do this my dressing table will look so much better. 

Dresser After
And after, dust and clutter free

I have a long glass vase filled with coffee beans which I keep my brushes in, a pot for pencils and a pot for mascara. I managed to find a mirror tray to keep my powders on and handy for use. Most of my products (shadows, pallets, lipsticks, samples, creams...) are all kept in the drawers, and these are relatively tidy. Go me!

Finally I also moved the picture I have of Audrey Hepburn from behind the dresser, for the last few years this has been blocked by the mirror and I never got around to moving it (bad me!!). Now it is about half a meter to the left and looking much better.

I think the next step is to go through my products and get rid of the old and broken products!

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