Thursday, 4 June 2015

My First Sassy Smoothie

Oh I was itching to use my spirulina. I posted not too long go that I had bought a packet of spirulina and some ground flaxseed and I was excited to get blending. After looking for some inspiration online (I'm looking at you google and pintrest!) I found a video of a green smoothie which looked amazingly tasty.

The ingredients were all ones I knew were available in the supermarket if I didn't already have them. Blueberries, banana, spiniach, kale, flaxseed, spirulina, chia seeds and water. She lso added in some dates for sweetness. The video is below of you want to check it out.

I managed to get most of the ingredients aside from the kale. Either my local supermarket does not stock it or it is always sold out. I am guessing the former! I also excluded the dates as I don't like things overly sweet.

Green Smoothie Spirulina
Ready to buzz

I poped it all into my blender and had a really delicious smothie at the end of it. What I learned since then is that I probably don't need chia seeds and the spirulina. Owing to the thickening properties of both of these ingredients, by the end of my glass I felt like I was drinking semi set jelly. Note to self, only use one or the other!!

Green Smoothie Spirulina 2
Mmmm... Green

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