Thursday, 18 June 2015

New Handbag

Who doesn't get a thrill at buying a new handbag? I loved my old River Island handbag, one of the poppers on it broke over a year ago and I have continued using it up until now as I loved it so much. It was a pale brown satchel and it held everything I needed and always had exactly what I wanted right there at my hip. Farewell old friend I'll miss you and never forget you...

Goodbye you old bag

Enter, brand new orange bag. I was having a browse through River Island a few weeks ago and when I saw this bag I thought 'ew, orange bag',
but over the course of a couple of days I kept thinking about it and how good having an orange handbag would be. So on payday I took myself up at lunch to River Island to invest in it. 

River Island orange Bag
Hello pretty orange bag!

It is smaller than my last bag (I can only just get everything I need in it) and the shoulder strap is slightly shorter. Nothing will ever replace my beloved old bag, however I am looking amazing waking about with my orange hadbag. I get positive comments on it all the time. 

My new Bag
I love how it looks with my pink scarf

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