Sunday, 31 May 2015

Pretty Lovelies: Hair Dye

I have had a bad day at work. Actually I have had a few bad weeks at work recently. I am changing jobs and working my notice period. This involves every problem in the department being placed on my desk for me to solve. Stress and misery like this generally leads to me feeling restless and then this leads to me wanting to make a change.

At the moment this has resulted in the purchase of 2 boxes of copper hair dye (I got 2 as they were on offer). I used to have my hair copper and loved it. I'm not sure how to describe the current colour of my hair, as it goes through a lot of changes, but it is probably a dark reddish brown.

Once I have coloured my hair I will post some before and after pictures. Copper here I come...

Copper Hair Dye
Mango Copper Burst Superdrug Hair Dye

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