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The Bachelorette ep 1 and 2 thoughts

What can I say? I am a big fan of the Bachelor (and most US reality TV for that matter) and after the last season, hearing that Kaitlyn and Britt would both be contending to be the Bachelorette, ensured that I would be tuning in to see how it all turns out.

Kaitlyn and Britt

I have just finished watching the 2 night double bill premier and I feel like I need to brain dump some of my thoughts as it was a doozie! There were tears, kisses, a drunken mess and some shocks for the season to come. I felt there were some standout moments for me which I feel are probably the main talking points from the 2 episodes.

For those unfamiliar with the format, there is usually only one lady and about 25 men, there to woo her and entice her to give them a 'first night rose'. This season the twist is that they are staring with 2 potential bachelorettes and after some quick conversations with all the men, they get the choice to vote for one of the ladies to stay as the bachelorette for the rest of the season. I thought this was an interesting, but probably unnecessary, addition to the show. After the vote the show continued with the usual drama we have all come to know and love about the show.

I think the standout moment from the first episode was Ryan M. Oh Ryan... last year we had drunken Tara, who got absolutely hammered during the cocktail party and in this series we have Ryan M. I know that the cocktail party lasts FOREVER! I mean when the eliminated players leave the mansion it is daylight out so we must have come full circle back to morning, so that is a lot of drinking time. But come on Ryan, the meet and greets were not even over before he comes back out to the ladies while Shawn E is arriving (admittedly in a Jacuzzi car!!!) and he starts giving a running commentary on how stupid he thinks the car is and how stupid he thinks Shawn is. Brilliant.

Ryan M - Pre-booze
After being confronted by a couple of the men about his behavior and how absolutely wasted he is, he starts telling the guys where to go. Like all the men he wants to have some sit-down time with Britt and Kaitlyn. It feels like with Britt he might be holding it together, the conversation is not great but at least he is managing conversation. When some of the other guys decide to 'rescue' Britt, it seems like Ryan decides to ramp it up a bit and starts putting his hands on her face. Britt gets rescued and Ryan decides to move on to see how Kaitlyn likes his moves. He is a lot faster in putting the moves on Kaitlyn first putting his hand on her waist, and then out-rightly grabbing her ass. Props for Kaitlyn, she moves herself out of the situation and comments that this is not OK for her. Kaitlyn needs no rescuing (that's why she's my favourite!). 

Just taking a stagger about after his swim

Ryan decides it's time for a dip in the pool proclaiming that "this place is dead", and the staggers out to waste his vote by throwing his rose at the wall before then staggering back out, presumably to get another drink. Chris Harrison decides it's time to have a quiet 'man to man' conversation with him out front and then puts him in a van and sends him packing. Bye bye Ryan M.

After the vote we find out that Kaitlyn has been voted as the bachelorette for the season. Yay!! Kaitlyn was always my favourite. Her off colour jokes and sassyness are just amazing. Honestly I find Britt a bit bland, we'd probably not be friends in real life. I may secretly be a mean spirited person on the inside, but like in the last season of the Bachelor, I really enjoyed seeing Britt crying in the limo. I can't figure out what it is about her that makes me smile when she cries, is it because she is an ugly crier? Those tears were just so good.

Britt beginning her cry in the limo

Kaitlyn hops right back into her duties and sits down with all the men to feel them out and see who she wants to keep on. During her conversation with Chris the dentist he was so adorable. It was obvious from the get go that he was nervous and wanting to kiss her, and like the man he is he goes in for the kiss. Woo woo!! Kiss number 1. Chris the dentist is super cute and I think he is now a good front runner going in for the first kiss with Kaitlyn.

Chris the Dentist is kind of sinister looking here.

There was more than one kiss during the cocktail party however, and when Kaitlyn decides to give her first impression rose to the poor man's Ryan Gosling (AKA Shawn B) they get their kiss on. It was obvious to everyone that Kaitlyn was wanting to pounce on him from the moment she saw him. Good for you girl... get some lip action.

Our poor man's Ryan Gosling - Shawn B

There was the usual tension during the rose ceremony and it all seemed to be going OK if you ignore all of the grumblings from the guys waiting for roses seeing other men, who voted for Britt to stay, being chosen before them. Then, dun-dun-dun, Brady takes a step forward in the middle of the proceedings and asks for a word with Kaitlyn. As soon as he stepped forward I knew he was going to bow out, he has been pro Britt all episode and seemed really bummed when she was sent home. He states that he is off to find Britt and see if they can make a go of it. Seriously dude? You only just met! It feels a little stalkerish to me. I would be freaked out if I was in Britt's shoes.

I really hope Brady finds Britt and they both go far, far away!

The rest of the episode played out as expected. There were more roses and there were men going home dejected. The real drama came in the overview of what was coming up in the season. It all starts as we expect it to. Clips of dates where you can't tell who they guy is. Lovely scenery of Ireland and some sporty looking activities. There are also lots of 'I'm falling in love with you' clips from this season also. Then there are clips of Nick Viall, a contestant from the last season of the Bachelorette. I didn't watch lat season (although I will be trying to catch up so that I can find out who this dude is), but this is a curve ball bringing in another man during the season. It is obvious that there will be a lot of jealousy and drama during this season. I feel like I want to go through this clip frame by frame and analyse it all, but from what I can tell it looks like Kaitlyn has sex with Nick, it seemed like the producers were trying to interrupt this, and then she tells the remaining men that she and Nick did the nasty. There are a lot of tears from all parties and men walking out. I can't wait to see all of this and honestly I'm a little bummed that we will have to wait a few weeks for this drama to start unfolding. I would love to be able to jump right into episode 5 or 6 already, but I know it will be better once I know who is who. 

This better not all be a big tease from the editors, and yes, I'm talking about farmer Chris and 'tent-gate' which all ended up being nothing much! I can't wait to see what comes next!

Britt is still crying during the credits! Don't worry... Brady is on his way.

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