Sunday, 31 May 2015

Update 4

How things have changed, I have gone from such a long list of men that Daisy had to tabulate them, to basically 2 guys. I think the key to dating these people is to meet them and see who I meet that I want to jump over the table and mount! I have not had that yet, but is that because I have generally become a lot more laid back or that I don’t really care as much?

At one point recently I had considered Speed Dating, and I was so blaze about it. However the times didn’t fit with my plans so I’ll go to the next one, totally no big deal. Meeting people and making awkward first date conversation is no different to making conversation with a client. You smile and try and draw on the little information you know about them so far so as to fill enough time that it becomes easy!

Anyway, the men –

Paramedic Rick: he has not been in touch with me yet and I feel he may never get in touch. I am seeing the mutual friend this evening so I am hoping to get a general feel/update as to why this guy has not been in touch!

Director Rick: We went on a date! It was great, there was little spark, but could this have been that we were both wishing we were still at home on a cold Sunday night? It was good fun and the conversation flowed easily. I don’t remember a single awkward moment where we were scrambling for a conversation topic. We talked everything from where we grew up to what the universe tastes like. We have agreed to meet up soonish, but I feel like I am being blown off.

New Players:

Stu: I like Stu. I started talking to him yesterday, but I feel like we have been talking forever! He seems like a bit of a creative geek and we have already discussed how we will revamp my crappy coffee table! We have a date on Friday and I think he looks like a bear.

So that’s that!

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