Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Update 2


Since my ever evolving and organic work-in-progress love life changes on a daily basis this is an update keep you up to speed. Here is where I stand with all the men (and there are a few new players)!

Matt: I thought things went well with Matt, the chat was easy and I found him really interesting. I was not sure that there were any sparks but I was feeling like this could have been due to the sickness bug I was trying desperately to mentally keep at bay. At the end of the date he did say we should “hang out” again (what does that mean? Can we define hang out please?). I sent him a message where I told him I liked him and thought he was funny and cute. I figured I should at least put it out there so he knows where I stand. He did not reply. I sent him a quick and casual “how are you doing” message last night on whatsapp. He read it this morning and no reply! I love whatsapp for this, it lets me know that this is dead and Matt can be archived for now!

Greig: I have a date with Greig this evening. We seem to have the same sense of humour and we are both laid back. He texts me quite a bit (not excessively, but just enough so that I know he is interested). My research of him has given me little to know about him going in other than he is a programmer and his address. I don’t know if research prior to a date is the done thing, but I like to have a better overview of the person so that I am a little bit more certain I’m not going to get murdered.

Charlie: No contact, has been archived.

Garth: We have been chatting. It is always difficult at this stage to get easy conversation flowing. I am due to send him a reply and was not in contact all of yesterday. He is the only reason that my pof account still exists. After being catfished a couple of times on there I have decided that pof is full of weirdos and OK Cupid is the way forward! I will message Garth back today and see if I can keep the conversation going. He works in a bank and seems nice. Moved to Edinburgh not long ago so is still trying to find his way round the city (I think it’s a bit of “will you be my tour guide”). My friend Amanda told me that he looked like he would be “….nice?”. This was not convincing!

Mike: *Sigh* He has no chat! I found talking to him difficult and because of this I became slow in emailing him back and before you know it he has gone all huffy and told me to “have a nice life”. This stuff exhausts me so therefore he is being archived!

Joe -new-: I had not been chatting to him for a while. I feel he may be a little hard work and not my kind of person, but this morning he sent me a text asking how I was doing. This is sweet. I feel though that he may be hard work. This is really bad, but after my experiences with the ex I’m not sure I want to get involved with someone else that has loads of family baggage. Is this bad? Am I cutting the legs off something before giving it a chance? I’m getting on in age surely I can be a bit picky about my life! I have not replied to his text.

A sweet representation of Joe

Dominic: *double sigh* I have had a relationship which is not a relationship with Dom. We met about a year and a half ago when I saw him in a café and Facebook stalked him for being cute! He would contact me late at night when he was bored and lonely and in a fight with his girlfriend. He had a substance abuse problem which I found charming (I know!!) and we never saw each other during daylight hours. He disappeared from my life at the start of 2014 and I happened to see him in a bar before Christmas (like the adults we are we ignored each other!) and before I know it he is messaging me again asking to come over. It took all my strength to say no (I had only been single for 2 days) and I regretted it the next day. Last night while I was sleeping (2.55am) he sent another message. I am really torn about making him my stop gap person again.

This is the look Dom was going for and what he wished he looked like.

So there we go. They are not that hard to keep track off although I do like to keep a couple of details on them all on my ipad. Helps keep the details correct! Depending on how tonight goes I may start hunting for some more people to talk to.

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