Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The dreaded gym

It has probably been almost exactly a year since I was last in the gym. On that day a year ago I have vivid memories of standing on an elliptical machine having a full blown panic attack or meltdown. I went home to try and sort out my head and I have been finding excuses to not go back ever since. Some of these excuses are as follows –

I’m too tired
I have no time
I feel like I am getting sick
Trying to juggle rehearsals and exercise is not a good idea
I should be spending this time with my boyfriend 
I’ve not shaved my legs (?) 
I’m too hungry
I’m already on the sofa
I should diet first and then work on my fitness
It’s too far away

The last statement is the funniest as the gym is 5 minutes away from my house (at the most). I am currently not in a relationship and not rehearsing any plays so all I have on my hands is time. My sister is also talking about getting engaged soon and has asked me to be her “person”. So with the prospect of having to look awesome looming in the future I thought there was no better time for myself, my sister and her partner to hit the gym and ease ourselves back into it.

I put together a nice little plan avoiding picking up free weights for the first few weeks, here is how we will start - 

10 mins cardio warm up
Plank for as long as possible x3
10 situps x3
10 supermen (if thats what they are called) x3
10 reps on chest press machine x3
10 reps on lat pull down x3
10 reps on leg press x3
10 reps on leg extention x3
10 min cardio 

Hopefully this will keep us going for this week and then we can figure out the week after once we come to it!

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