Friday, 6 March 2015

The Lineup

I have jumped back into dating since my break up and I am talking to as many people as possible to try and find some I'd like to go out with. So here is a lowdown on everyone with some pictures.

Tonight I am going out with Matt! Matt is 30 and works for a bicycle shop as a mechanic. He grew up in the US and Guernsey and seems really nice and friendly with a cute baby face. 

Not Matt, but close
At some point this week I am also going out with Greig. My sister knows Grieg from a long time ago and says he is a good guy. His messages have been hilarious and make me smile and usually involve how rough he is feeling.

Greig kind of looks like this

I had a very interesting message conversation with Charlie Van D who liked me to call him Daddy. His messages were way past the point where someone is being filthy. His was a very specific kind of dirty message. He is super posh…

Posh Charlie Van D

Last night I started talking to this guy who claims to want to always dress like Garth From Wayne’s World. he has not told me his name yet so he will from now on be known as Garth.

Kind of maybe Garth

And Mike who wants to grow a beard, likes neighbours and claims to be carrying a little extra weight from his last relationship (who isn’t buddy!!??!!)

No beard Mike

And there they are, updates to follow.


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