Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Accidental Date and the 11 Month Apology

I have one incident in my dating life which I am not proud of. I think enough time has passed that I have made peace with it and now I’m ready to share, the story of “The Accidental Date and the 11 Month Apology.”

In March 2014 ish I started talking to Pete on OKCupid. 

This could be what Pete looks like in a few years

Very quickly the conversation was easy, flowing and we were getting on well. As usual with people you talk to online, it took us a little while to agree to meet up. Well you don’t want to rush into it and get murdered!! I was totally up for meeting, but Pete was a little hesitant. At this time I had also been going on a few dates with a bartender called Frank. Frank had charmed me by saying he'd noticed me previously in the bar and thought I was funny, that was all it took for me to say yes to a couple of dull dates! The fact I never noticed the man giving me booze should have set the alarm bells ringing!

Farewell makeup and sparkling studs

I mentioned previously that I left my old job a little while ago, and because I had been working with some lovely people they gave me some gifts when I left. 

They clearly knew me very well as they presented me with some sparkly earrings and make-up from MAC (including some great false lashes!!). Vampy nail varnish, glittery eye shadow and big hooker lashes make for a great look, all topped of with a little sparkle in my ear.

How much do we love my ex-co-workers?

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