Thursday, 21 May 2015

Update 3


It has been a while since we were here, talking about my love life.

I think something clicked in me recently. I went through the holidays with this feeling of needing to find a replacement for the ex and that getting back on the horse is what you had to do once you break up with someone to prove that you had moved on. I don’t have this feeling anymore. In the last few weeks I suddenly feel chilled out about the whole thing and very ‘what will be, will be’ about the whole dating process. With this in mind I have cut all dead weight out of the below and I now have 2 potentials, so let us update –

Matt: we have messaged a couple of times since going out, but neither of us is making a desperate attempt to really get in touch with the other! I think this spells the end. I may stay friends with him… we will see! Archive

Greig: looked like a cross between an Amish man and a hobbit! No thank you sir! Sent me a message just saying ‘happening?’ naturally this blew me off my feet for how romantic it was, but alas it was not enough to sway me! Archive

Garth: I messaged him to tell him I was coming off POF and that we could chat somewhere else. No response. POF shut down and Garth Archived!

Dominic: No contact since I saw him last, but I couldn’t handle seeing him to often, so he is still in my contacts for when I need him.

Paramedic Rick: So stupid boy (but I'll forgive him cause he can be a good friend) Ben only just gave him my number on Monday. Apparently they have spoken about me, but Rick wanted to chat to Ben about it and this has never happened. So on Monday, FINALY, he just sent Rick my number. Now from what I have heard he can be a little shy about just randomly approaching girls, so if I have not heard from him by the end of the week I will noise up Ben and see what's going on! He is a proper grown up who just doesn’t want to be alone anymore! Bless…

Both bald men, so imagine this is Paramedic Rick

And a new player (the only other person I am talking to at the moment)
Director Rick: I mean COMEON! Why are they all called Rick? This guy makes films, he is 34 and he seems really funny. In his questions he states that one thing he can’t do without is Chutter… this is a cheese butter mix. I mean those are 2 of my favourite things, thrown in bacon and I am happy as Larry! We like this guy. He takes ages to get back to me, but always has good chat and seems to have some interesting stories to go with the bants! The last message I sent I proposed getting a coffee/drink and we will see what his feelings towards that are. He has some funny pictures including one entitled "as bad as it gets", well at least it's honest. 

A slightly strange looking Director Rick. 
So it is currently battle of the Rick’s, 2 of the slowest people ever. It’s like a really crap slowmo fight! 

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