Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Dye Job Part 2

After being disappointed by the colour from my last home dye job (which was still too dark for my liking) I decided to try again. This time I took my friend on a hair dye shopping expedition. She seemed really keen and excited for me... that is until I picked up a box of bleach proclaiming that "this will do the trick". I'm not sure how she thought I was going to lighten my hair without using bleach.

Schwarzkopf Live XXL Absolute Platinum Garnier Olia Intense Copper
Bleach and more copper

We chose a box of Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL in "Absolute Platinum", mostly because it was reduced and I love a bargain! Then for the copper colour, after pulling all the copper boxes we could find, we settled on Garnier Olia in "Intense Copper". This colourant has no ammonia and delivers the colour to the hair via oils... I'm a little fuzzy on the science of it all but it seemed like it would do least additional damage to my already pretty fried hair! My poor hair, I can be very harsh to it!

hair Before
My previous after is now a before

Armed with my 2 new boxes I headed back into the bath room to start the bleaching. In the past I have been haphazard with the bleach, resulting in patches of my roots still being dark. This time I decided to be nice and thorough with my roots which meant I didn't have quite as much bleach for the ends of my hair... sigh! One day I will get it completely right!!

Platinum Roots
I'm not sure I can picture how light my roots were

After the processing and washing I had some great looking roots with darker ends. Not what I was expecting, but certainly an OK base for my colour. I added a little conditioner to the colour mixture so that it would spread over all of my hair. I am coming to realise that even though I don't have very long hair there is so much of it that 1 box will only just cover my hair at a push! Copper applied and I am very happy with the results, even if it is a lot brighter than I was expecting. I certainly now stand out from the crowd.

after copper
And we have orange. I love this colour!

Happy copper hair
And because my sister told me I looked miserable in the other picture...

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